About NIP Gas?

It is a concept based on the unique strength of back integration of lessons learned from oil and gas industries and sharing knowledge..

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Our Mission

We work towards an integrated curriculum extracted from our world class learning experience across versatile disciplines..

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Quality policy

To consistently deliver customer value and satisfaction in service or product through world class leadership, knowledge..

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Opportunities of oil and gas industry

Oil and gas industries are one of the most robust industries and ever growing in the world because of the sheer size and demands of the products of this industry. The whole world runs on fuel and oil and gas are the major fuel contributing more than 90% of the requirements worldwide. The extent of dependency of this sector is such that the world can’t sustain even a single day without oil, gas and other fuels. This is one of the sectors which is unaffected by any economic crisis that the world has faced till date.

The approximate number of oil wells around the world is 700,950,000 which is processed through approximately 186 major clients and numerous contractors and subcontractors with a multiplication factor of average 4 ( contractors) and 5 ( subcontractors) per project. This gives a world of opportunities for skilled workers and professionals to explore.